FAA-licensed commercial drone pilot, interested in creative aerial photography projects focused on nature and our rural landscape, as seen from above.

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Peter has been serious and passionate about photography for 45 years. Back then you could find him in his home-made darkroom in the garage printing black and white images of nature and old buildings. In the intervening years – and despite all the changes in the world of photography – the essence of Peter's interest has not changed. He still is capturing the beauty of our environment with an artistic eye and a different perspective.

For the last 35 years, Peter's primary occupation was as a woodturner, with a specialty of making unique and amazing wood lampshades on a lathe. That unusual profession is now paired with this new enterprise: using a camera drone to see the world around us from above using a camera drone. 

Peter is looking for photography and videography projects that fit with his aesthetic and passions. Contact him to explore your ideas.