Peter Bloch's "Flying Camera" Imagery

Soaring high up like an eagle, or floating low like a butterfly, Peter's drone can take you where our eyes normally can't!

As the drone floats smoothly through the sky, it soars high and it floats low, capturing the world with the eyes of an eagle. Click the photo above to see a movie with some of Peter best shots of 2106. And check out the link below to see a collection of good short movies made with Peter's flying camera

Link for Movies

Still photographs have been a part of Peter's creative repertoire for 40 years, and the perspective offered by the flying camera adds a new view of the world. This link will bring you to a gallery of my best flying camera still photos, which are available to purchase as prints on aluminum. This is a dramatic way to display the photos, all ready to hang on your wall.

Link for Still Photos